Ramah Missionary Baptist Church, Inc.

Come Grow With Us

 Historical Moments thru 2014

  Deaconess Gloria Thrower became a licensed minister and the first female to serve communion.

  Installed a shed for the Food Pantry Ministry.

  Dollars for Scholars Program

  Deacons Advanced Leadership Enhancement Courses with CPR Certification.

  Ordained three deacons at RMBC, Inc.

  Complete formation of the Big Sun District (B.S.D.) Association; Headquarters at Ramah MBC, Inc.

  Two graduates, high school and college, recognized as Summa Cum laude

  "First" College Graduate to receive a Plaque for "The Presidential Ideal Student Award".

  Mother Hardy was the first 101 year old Active Incorporation Director

  Ramah hosted Pastor's With A Purpose, Women's, Men's workshop and Youth's Bible Bowl.

  Under the Women's Missionary Dept. three ministries were developed: Young Women, Sunbeams, and Red Circle Girls' Ministries.

  Ramah hosted its 1st Annual Session of the B.S.D. Association.

  First Moderator for Big Sun District Association is Pastor Cotton.

  Ramah members/ministers 1st time in Ramah's History as certified instructors for local, state, and national Congress of Christian Education.

  1ST time Ramah MBCI is represented with 13 officers in an Association.

  1ST time Ramah Missionary Baptist Church, Inc. has acquired a 501c3 status.

  1ST time a pastor founded an organization of pastors called “Pastors With A Purpose” and served as President (15 pastors are members).

  1ST time Ramah is designated as an HIV/AIDS testing site.

  1ST time Deaconess served Communion.

  1ST time Deaconess led devotion at an Association Annual Session.

  1ST time Ramah's Associate Preacher preached on Moderator Night at an Annual Session.

  God gave Ramah our first Leg Amputee "Female Minister" to stand BOLDLY on Sunday Morning and preach an entire sermon.

  1ST time Ramah Female Minister taught at State Pastor's and Minister's conference.

  1ST Deacon to preach at 5TH Sunday Union (Dea. E. Mills)

  1ST National Dean – Min. Gloria Thrower (thanks to Deaconess Shirley Rodriquez for representation at National Convention)

  1ST time for youth to win 1ST Place at VBS 2012 Bible Bowl

  1ST Electric Road Sign

  1ST time "Youth" will headline the state-level Congress play

  1ST Secretary to teach at State Congress (Sis. Janie Love)

  1ST Pastor's Mother to preach  

  1ST "Developmentally Delayed" guest preacher to render service

  1ST Third generation Deacon to preach a Deaconess Ordination (Dea. Donnell Nunn)

  1ST Deaconess to baptize daughter (Deaconess S. McCray)

  1ST Sunday School Asst. Superintendent to be ordained as Reverend (Rev. Danny Nunn)

  1ST Female to be ordained (Rev. Gloria Thrower)

  1ST Deacon Chair to accept his call into Ministry (Dea. Elbert Mills)

  1ST Trustee Chair to preach a sermon (Dea. Alphonzo Daymon)

  1ST 80-year-old Female Preacher to preach on Sunday morning (Dr. Annie Scales)

  1ST youngest Co-Chair of Deacon Ministry (Dea. Donnell Nunn)

  1ST youngest Financial Secretary (Deaconess Qhuantae McFatten, 25)

  1ST Deacon to preach a homegoing service (Dea. Marvin Reynolds)

  1ST Trustee to preach an Ordination Service (Dea. James Curley)

  1ST Pastor's wife to be licensed as a Minister (Min. Bessie Cotton)

  1ST Young Adult to serve as Usher President (Sis. Metrika McCallum)

  1ST time reaching a milestone of 1/4 million dollars in grants/scholarships for Ramah students (Min. Bessie Cotton)

  1ST Christian Leadership School which is now open

  1ST Youth Department to Adopt A Highway in front of church (Deaconess Natasha Sanford and Deaconess Janie Love)

  1ST State Convention to recognize 3 members in Lifetime Faithfulness and Commitment to the Community and Church (Dea. James Curley, Dea. Warnell Maxey, and Sis. Ann Nunn)

  1ST oldest Senior to graduate with a Bachelor's degree in Christian Education (Deaconess Vivian Green, age 77)

  1ST husband and wife to graduate with religious degrees (Dr. Melvin Cotton, Jr. and Min. Bessie Cotton)

  1ST Pastor's wife to earn B.C.E. during her membership (Min. Bessie Cotton)

  1ST time Ramah's Food Pantry averaged serving 100 people a week

  1ST time team preaching at Watch Night Service (Min. Marcus & Sis. Chandra Kiner; Rev. Gloria & Dea. Louis Thrower; Dr. Melvin & Min. Bessie Cotton; & Min. Elbert Mills & Sis. Vivian Green)

  1ST time a married couple, team preached on Sunday morning (Rev. Danny & Sis. Carla Nunn)