Ramah Missionary Baptist Church, Inc.

Come Grow With Us

2017 Historical Moments

    1ST time having an ordained reverend who has served in nearly all key positions in this church (Rev. Donnell Nunn)

    1ST time having a Deacon & Deaconess Workshop open to the community (led by Deas. K. Kiner & Deas. B. Burrs)

    1ST time having a Men’s Conference (led by Rev. Danny Nunn)

    1ST time having a catechism with mixed denomination pastors (led by Rev. Phillip Christmas)

    1ST time a Dean spoke at the State Memorial Service (Rev. Dr. Gloria Thrower)

    1ST time a Mission Ministry President was licensed as a minister (Cesarine Scotland)

    1ST time an out-of-state drama ministry performed (Synergy)

    1ST time having 14 preachers preaching a 7 Last Sayings service

    1ST CLS graduation class for Ramah (Deas. Shirley Rodriques – Class President, Deas. Linda Hawkins, Min. Gwendolyn Treherne, Dea. Frank Perkins, & 3 non-members)

    1ST time having 20 members graduate in one year

o   High School: Sis. Shayla Hagins

    1ST Young Adult couple to graduate with Masters Degrees (Rev. Donnell Nunn, M.Th. and Deaconess Qhuantae Nunn, M.S.S.)

    1ST Deacon to preach a Deacon’s Ordination (Dea. J. D. Purcell)

    1ST minister to preacher on Downtown Square (Min. Anthony Quann)

    1ST Incorporation Board member & Mission President to receive Ocala’s Diamond Heart Award (Deaconess Annie Nunn)

    1ST Singles’ Ministry Conference (led by Min. Mary Sapp)

    1ST time newly renovated Sound System Room

    1ST time sound system upgraded to include TV monitors 

    1ST couples’ Conference (led by Rev. Phil & Sis. Hazel Christmas)

    1ST Pastor’s Wife to perform a Baby Dedication (Rev. Dr. Bessie Cotton)

    1ST time a Deacon officiated a renewal of Wedding Vows (Dea. Marvin Reynolds)

    1ST time restoration of the church bell (led by Rev. Phil & Sis. Hazel Christmas)

    1ST time Pastor & a deacon preached a tag team sermon on the 1ST Sunday (Pastor Cotton & Dea. Victor Shelton).