Ramah Missionary Baptist Church, Inc.

Come Grow With Us


  • 1ST time establishing Ramah Legacy Scholarship
  • 1ST female Deacon/Church Chair ordained as Reverend (Dr. Kathlyn Kiner)
  • 1ST time having mother and son as ordained Reverends (Dr. Kathlyn Kiner and Dr. Marcus Kiner, Sr.)
  • 1ST Chaplain to serve as Clerk on a Catechism (Min. Chaplain Leslie Young)
  • 1ST time giving more than $5,000 in scholarship funds to graduates
  • 1ST time baptizing a Catholic, non-member (Sis. Carol)
  • 1ST time mission trip with all seniors (ages 50 - 89).  Honduras and Costa Maya visited
  • 1ST time Deacons & Deaconesses lead devotion on foreign waters (Deacons: Daymon, Curley, V. Burrs, McClinton; Deaconesses: A. Nunn, Green, Rodriques, Scott, Hawkins, J. Burrs, Davis)
  • 1ST time Preachers preached on foreign waters (Kiner, Walker, Treherne, Sweeney)
  • 1ST time Pastor selected as a member of the B.C. Graham Accrediatation Board