Ramah Missionary Baptist Church, Inc.

Come Grow With Us

2018 Historical Moments

    1ST time Church Anniversary in Miami, including 1ST time Senior and Youth Praise Dancer performed

    Youngest female ordained as Reverend (Rev. Me’Trika McCallum)

    1ST time tag team preaching for an Ordination

    1ST mother and son tag team preaching on Sunday for Family & Friends Day (Deaconess Kathlyn and Rev. Marcus Kiner)

    1ST time all deacons preached the 7 Last Sayings of Christ

    1ST time all deaconesses preached the 7 Last Sayings of Christ

    1ST time Ministers’ Wives tag team preached on Sunday (Sis. Hazel Christmas, Sis. Chandra Kiner, Deaconess Qhuantae Nunn)

    1ST time Young Adult preached on Sunday (Sis. Tiffany Dickson)

    1ST time Ramah has all Seniors to graduate from Andersonville (Dr. Kathy Kiner, Th.D.; Dea. Frank Perkins, M.Th.; Rev. Phil Christmas, M.Th.; Sis. Hazel Christmas, M.Th.)

    1ST time Rev. and Deaconess tag team preaching on Father’s Day (Dr. Gloria Thrower and Dr. Kathy Kiner)

    1ST time Deacon Chair attained a Masters of Theology (Dea. Frank Perkins)

    1ST time Pastor’s Wife received the Diamond Heart Award (Dr. Bessie Cotton)

    1ST time Ramah appointed State Dean of Record (Dr. Gloria Thrower)

    1ST time Deaconess Chair received a Doctorate degree (Dr. Kathy Kiner, Th.D.)